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Showing 1 - 24 of 30 products
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66fit EVA Foam Roller - Blue66fit EVA Foam Roller - Blue
Sale priceFrom £14.45 Regular price£22.45
66fit EVA Foam Roller - Blue
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66fit Four Way Massager66fit Four Way Massager
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66fit EPP Massage Foam Roller - Black66fit EPP Massage Foam Roller - Black
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66fit EPP Massage Foam Roller - Black
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66fit Trigger Point Flexi Massage Stick66fit Trigger Point Flexi Massage Stick
66fit Over Door Neck Traction Unit66fit Over Door Neck Traction Unit
66fit Ab & Back Trigger Point Stretcher66fit Ab & Back Trigger Point Stretcher
66fit Trigger Point Massage Stick66fit Trigger Point Massage Stick
66fit Back Self Massage Stick66fit Back Self Massage Stick
66fit Acupressure Trigger Point Massage Balls66fit Acupressure Trigger Point Massage Balls
Baselin Massage MilkBaselin Massage Milk
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Baselin Massage Milk
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66fit Peanut Knobbly Massage Ball/Roller
66fit Hand and Foot Massage Balls x 2pcs66fit Hand and Foot Massage Balls x 2pcs
Soft Foam Roller - Round 90cm x 15cm
66fit Spiky Double Massage Ball Roller66fit Spiky Double Massage Ball Roller
66fit Peanut Spiky Massage Ball/Roller66fit Peanut Spiky Massage Ball/Roller
66fit Spiky Massage Ball 9.5cm66fit Spiky Massage Ball 9.5cm
Sale price£11.45
66fit Spiky Massage Ball 9.5cm
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A Innovative take on the traditional foam roller, our unique design features an integral non-slip exercise mat stored inside. The colour insert features instructional graphics to show how to use the pyramid roller.
66fit Spiky Muscle Roller Stick66fit Spiky Muscle Roller Stick
66fit Trigger Point Massage Roller Kit66fit Trigger Point Massage Roller Kit
Lockeroom Pocket Physio Max - 10cmLockeroom Pocket Physio Max - 10cm
Sale priceFrom £27.95
Lockeroom Pocket Physio Max - 10cm
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