Exercise Mats

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66fit Reflexology Walk Stone Mat
Fitness-Mad Warrior Yoga MatsFitness-Mad Warrior Yoga Mats
66fit Ab & Back Trigger Point Stretcher66fit Ab & Back Trigger Point Stretcher
Fitness-Mad Warrior Plus Yoga Mat 6mmFitness-Mad Warrior Plus Yoga Mat 6mm
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Fitness-Mad Warrior Plus Yoga Mat 6mm
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66fit Fitness Mat - 15mm Black66fit Fitness Mat - 15mm Black
66fit Fitness Mat - 10mm Blue66fit Fitness Mat - 10mm Blue

Exercise Weights

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Exercise Balls

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66fit Pilates Soft Balls - Set of 266fit Pilates Soft Balls - Set of 2
66fit Gym Balls - Burst Resistance 250kg66fit Gym Balls - Burst Resistance 250kg
66fit Exercise Balls66fit Exercise Balls
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66fit Exercise Balls
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Fitness-Mad Soft Pilates Weights - 0.5kg - 1.5kgFitness-Mad Soft Pilates Weights - 0.5kg - 1.5kg
66fit Power Blaster Double Action Pump
Exercise Gym Ball Plug

Aerobic Steps

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66fit Multi Functional Exercise Board66fit Multi Functional Exercise Board
66fit Aerobic Step66fit Aerobic Step
Stay active with top-notch home workout equipment

Explore our wide selection of home workout equipment to exercise from the comfort of your own home. Whether you’re recovering from a physical injury; want to adopt a healthier lifestyle; or are looking to enhance your current equipment, we provide a collection of durable exercise items to choose from. 

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Why use home workout equipment? 

Sometimes it can be challenging to gain access to exercise equipment. This is especially the case for individuals undergoing physical therapy. That’s why having the tools you need without stepping a foot outside your house is vital.  

Also, home equipment is typically more hygienic. Gyms usually leave the responsibility of cleaning to individuals using their equipment (at least during the day). Unfortunately, not everyone follows cleaning protocols, so it’s hard to know how clean gym equipment truly is.  

Do you have products to improve posture?  

Yes, we do. Our exercise balls have multiple uses, one of which is the ability to enhance your posture. They do this by strengthening your core.  

How much floor space do I need? 

Our home workout selection comes in a variety of sizes which makes equipment suitable for different households. For example, the excise mats we provide come in different lengths, and there are also interlocking mats available to ensure you get the right size.  

Do you have equipment for beginners getting into fitness? 

Some of the equipment on offer can be used by individuals looking to start their fitness journey. If you take a look at our weights, they come in a variety of sizes. As you progress, you can find suitable equipment at every stage. We even have items that are suitable for professional athletes.  

Do you have home workout equipment that is portable? 

Absolutely, many of our items can be transported if needed. For instance, check out the aerobic steps we have to offer. They’re great for keeping fit at home and are lightweight, making them ideal for working out at a friend’s house. 

How do you stay safe when exercising at home?  

Stretching is a good way to prevent muscles from tearing. To help with this, we have a range of exercise bands that can help you stretch before working out. However, if you’re unsure how to stretch properly, consult a professional to guide you.  

Where are products made? 

Items we offer have different countries of origin. With that being said, many of our products come from Taiwan. All products are supplied by reputable manufacturers, and they pass our quality checks to ensure they’re at a high standard for our customers.  

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