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Showing 1 - 22 of 22 products
Knee Cold Compression CuffKnee Cold Compression Cuff
Ankle Cold Compression CuffAnkle Cold Compression Cuff
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Kool SprayKool Spray
Sale priceFrom £6.46 Regular price£6.95
Kool Spray
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Hotteeze Heat PadsHotteeze Heat Pads
Sale priceFrom £17.45
Hotteeze Heat Pads
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Hot/Cold Packs 13cm x 25cm x 2pcsHot/Cold Packs 13cm x 25cm x 2pcs
Calf Cold Compression CuffCalf Cold Compression Cuff
Back Cold Compression CuffBack Cold Compression Cuff
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Elbow Cold Compression CuffElbow Cold Compression Cuff
Sale price£8.29 Regular price£41.45
Elbow Cold Compression Cuff
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Thigh Cold Compression Cuff
Koolpak Moist Heat PacksKoolpak Moist Heat Packs
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Koolbead Re-useable Hot & Cold PacksKoolbead Re-useable Hot & Cold Packs
Sale priceFrom £7.96 Regular price£8.95
Koolbead Re-useable Hot & Cold Packs
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Wrist Cold Compression CuffWrist Cold Compression Cuff
Koolpak Hot/Cold Therapy Supports and WrapsKoolpak Hot/Cold Therapy Supports and Wraps
Flexi-Gel Cold PacksFlexi-Gel Cold Packs
Sale priceFrom £6.46
Flexi-Gel Cold Packs
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Instant Reusable Cold Pack
Koolpak Heat and Kool PatchesKoolpak Heat and Kool Patches
Koolpak Instant Hot PacksKoolpak Instant Hot Packs
Deep Freeze Pain Relief Glide On Gel, 50g
Deep Heat Spray 150ml

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