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Unfortunately, at some point in our life we are all likely to experience some sort of back pain. The reasons for this are endless, but when it happens to you, you will want to make the situation as bearable as possible.

We supply a range of solutions, you can see our full range of orthopaedic cushions here, or alternativity, keep reading to find out which is the right choice for you.


IMPORTANT – Before you do use any of these methods/products, ensure that you have taken professional advice from your GP first. Your GP and/or therapist will be able to suggest the right products for your individual situation. If this includes the use of orthopaedic cushions, then here is a bit more information into what is available and what they do.

Coccyx Cushions & Wedges

Original Coccyx Cushion

This cushion is designed specifically to help relieve any discomfort form a sore or bruised coccyx when seated. The ‘horse-shoe’ cut-out area avoids any contact and therefore direct pressure on the coccyx, allowing you to sit right back in your chair whilst also enjoying the benefit of sitting with an improved posture. This cushion can be used in a large variety of seats, whether that is in the comfort of your own home or at the office. There is also a small handle to help you carry this lightweight cushion anywhere you may need it.

Medipaq®️ Luxury Orthopaedic Coccyx Seat Cushion

The Medipaq®️ Luxury Orthopaedic Coccyx Cushion and its contoured design can immediately help ease the pressure on your back, hips and tailbone. Made with high-quality foam it will not flatten like a memory foam cushion will over time which is so key in dealing with coccyx and tailbone pain. It is an extremely functional cushion which allows for effortless mobility as your travel accessory, it can be used in your car, office, home, wheelchairs, stadiums, aeroplanes etc.

Lumbar Back Cushions

Lumbar Roll Cushion

When we slump in our chairs the spine’s natural ‘S’ shaped curve is reversed and the muscles at the bottom of the back become stretched which can cause uncomfortable neck and back pain. The 66fit Lumbar Roll is a uniquely shaped back cushion specifically designed to fit into the small of the back to correct poor posture and alleviate back and neck pain by supporting the spine in its natural shape when sitting. An adjustable elasticated strap and buckle means that this compact and versatile lumbar cushion can be adapted to most types of chairs and car seats.

D-Lumbar Roll

The D-Shaped Lumbar Roll is uniquely shaped to fit into the small of your back to correct poor posture and alleviate back and neck pain by supporting your spine in its natural shape when sitting. The popular d-roll cushion features a flat-sided back which sits flush against the back of your chair. An adjustable elasticated strap and buckle means the cushion can be adapted to fit most types of chairs and car seats.

Memory Foam D-Lumbar Roll

Identical to the above with the only exception being that it is made of memory foam, this D-Roll moulds to the patient for greater comfort and support. Combines superior design with high quality construction for years of use.

Ring & Ulcer Cushions

66fit Inflatable Round Cushion

The 66fit Round Ring Cushion is designed to provide comfort and relieve pressure when sitting down for prolonged periods of time. Our inflatable ring cushion allows you to sit comfortably without putting pressure your perineum or coccyx for effective relief from pain and discomfort. When used correctly, the Cushion allows pressure around the hips to be distributed evenly whilst providing unrivalled comfort and support to aid healing of your affected areas. The 66fit Inflatable Ring is widely recommended in the treatment of post-natal and pregnancy pain, haemorrhoids, prostate inflammation, general anal discomfort, piles and other painful conditions. It is also used an integral part of post-operative recovery, as well as in the treatment of a fractured coccyx and hip bursitis.

Medipaq®️ Memory Foam Ring Doughnut Cushion

The Medipaq®️ ring cushion is ergonomically designed to provide support where your body needs it most. The cushion elevates the legs and hips whilst ensuring the natural shape of the spine, to encourage better posture and prevent pain and fatigue in the lumbar region. The Medipaq®️ ring support cushion uses long lasting visco-elastic memory foam. The foam provides the perfect balance between comfort and support and is particularly suited to aid in the relief of disc lesions, arthritic conditions and degenerative joint disease.

Sitting & Wheelchair Cushions

66fit Sitting and Wheel Chair Cushion - Gel

The 66fit Gel Wheelchair and Seat Cushion has been designed to provide you pressure relief when sitting down and support to help correct and improve poor posture. The innovative gel cushion helps raise you up in your seat or wheelchair to make getting in and out of the seat much easier, thus avoiding any unnecessary pain and discomfort. The gel pack which has been placed in between the foam layers in the centre of the cushion will also keep you fresh, cool and comfortable in your seat whatever the weather!



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