Aqua exercise, is it effective?

Some of the most well-liked group exercise sessions are aqua aerobics and other aqua fitness classes. They offer a great range of benefits, without the drawbacks of intense exercise classes. They won't put a lot of stress on your joints and will help you lose weight, become stronger, and enhance your fitness. They are therefore excellent for those who have mobility concerns because the water supports the joints, allowing you to build strength without running the danger of damage and aiding in injury recovery. 

There are a lot of people taking aqua courses; thousands do so each week. However, there are several widespread misconceptions that people connect with the classes. These can range from thinking it's the simple solution and only for unfit participants to thinking it's only appropriate for senior citizens. 

However, none of these are actually true. Compared to most other group exercise programmes, aqua classes provide greater advantages for your health and fitness, and participants typically burn between 400 and 500 calories per session. 

One of the great benefits of aqua classes is that you can go at your own level, without any pressure to push yourself too hard. This means that you can gradually work harder each session if you're new to exercising or are just starting out again after a long break. You will improve your endurance and, more significantly, your confidence the more frequently you attend. Keep your arms, legs, and core strong and tight as you move for the optimum benefits. While your mobility will be slower as a result, your fitness level will increase significantly.  

Aqua lessons can help you lose weight, tone your muscles, increase your stamina, burn calories, and become more flexible and enhance your range of motion. Again, this is because the water's resistance helps to strengthen your joints and the muscles that surround them without placing too much stress on them. 

If you use aqua weights you will add more resistance from the water, and resistance is what develops muscle. You can engage more of the tiny muscles that are typically overlooked in regular exercises by including a water weight lifting activity in your regular workout regimen. 

Aqua jogging is another fantastic way to get the benefits of going running, but with less impact on your body. Aqua jogging classes are usually held in deeper parts of the pool than other aqua classes and require a couple of pieces of equipment to do properly – water shoes and a flotation belt, the latter of which helps keep you upright in the pool. These sessions are perfect for runners recovering from injury and don’t want to put their recovery at risk. 

Overall, we would highly recommend any form of aqua activity as it is good for your joints, it has the potential to build muscle, burn calories and can be very enjoyable for everyone involved.  

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