5 Slam Ball Exercises For A Full Body Workout

Slam balls, otherwise known as medicine balls, are a versatile addition to your home gym. These particular pieces of workout equipment are not only easy to use, but ideal for building cardiovascular endurance, strength and power.

Slam balls are the perfect addition to any gym plan. Check out this 66fit blog article on the top 5 benefits of using a slam ball to find out more.

What is a slam ball?

A slam ball is simply a weighted, rubber coated ball. The exterior of the ball is thick and durable, making them ideal for high impact throwing exercises. Slam balls are available in a range of different weights to ensure that you can find the correct weight for you.

66fit weighted slam balls are available in 5kg, 10kg and 15kg and are perfect for crossfit, core strength training and resistance training.

What are the best slam ball exercises?

As slam balls are weighted, you can use them in place of any other weight. For example, a slam balls can be used in place of free weights or can be incorporated into most cardio exercises. If you are new to slam balls and are looking for some inspiration, here are some great slam ball exercises to try out:

1. Standing overhead slam

This popular exercise is a great full body exercise and works to improve your overall power and strength.

To carry out this movement, stand with your legs roughly shoulder width apart and hold the slam ball with both hands. In one powerful motion, inhale and rise on to the balls of your feet whilst bringing the medicine ball above your head. The ball should be straight over your head and your arms should be straight.

Then, with as much power as possible, use your core and your arms to slam the ball down between your feet. Then squat down (make sure you keep your back straight!) and pick the ball up from the floor and start again.

2. Squat throw

Squat throws also work your full body, but they are particularly good at building strength and power in your legs. To perform this exercise, you will need to use a wall.

Firstly, ensure you select a weighted slam ball which suits your abilities. Hold the slam ball with both hands and raise it so it sits against your chest. Squat down, ensuring that your back is straight your chest is raised. From the bottom of the squat, spring up to a standing position and use the power from this to throw the ball against the wall above your head. Catch the ball and return to the squat position.

russian twist

3. Russian twist

To perform a Russian twist, you must be seated. If you are working out at home, you may benefit from an exercise mat to ensure you are comfortable. Sit on your mat and hold the slam ball in both hands. Lean back slightly with a straight back and extend your legs with your feet on the floor so they have a slight bend. Your body and legs should make a V shape and your core should feel tight.

Maintaining this position, twist your torso from side to side and place the slam ball on the floor each side of you.

4. Overhead lunges

Overhead lunges are the perfect exercise to build strength in your legs, particularly your glutes and your quads.

Begin this exercise with your legs places shoulder width apart and hold the slam ball with both hands. Raise the slam ball above your head and take a step forward into a deep lunge. Push off your front foot and bring your legs back together into your starting position. Step your other leg forward and repeat the movement with the other leg.

overhead lunges

5. Slam ball sit ups

Slam ball sit ups are another great core exercise to incorporate into your fitness routine. This exercise is similar to a regular sit up, but with the added challenge of the weight of the slam ball.

Begin this exercise on the floor in the regular sit up position and hold the slam ball with both hands. Raise the slam ball so it sits on your chest. Perform a regular sit up with the slam ball in this position and at the top of the movement, straighten your arms and push the slam ball above your head and then return it to its original position.

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